Welcome to ESA (A)SAR Online Dissemination

The ESA Online Dissemination is an online EO products cache that provide an easy access to EO data by coupling high bandwidth, large storage space and software. The ESA Online Dissemination provides a high performance infrastructure for storing and providing access to ESA EO data.

The ESA Online Dissemination for ERS and Envisat (A)SAR products is a data dissemination solution coupled with complementary services:

  • User authentication and authorization
  • Data access via common web protocols such as HTTP(s)

Use your ESA EO Sign In account to access the EO product data (click on the "Login" button to login and the "Collections" button to search the products).

More information on the functionalities of the On-The-Fly online service can be found in the (A)SAR OTF user manual

For more details or request for support please raise a simple request

Service News

17/06/2021: ESA's (A)SAR dissemination service enhanced with Envisat ASAR MR L1 data. See related news

27/04/2021: Increased ERS SAR data availability. See related news